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We are full service

Stake Pool Operators

Our operation started late in 2019, the journey in the early days was mostly trial, error, perseverance and ambition. We were unwilling to sacrifice our morals, and good business fundamentals to take short cuts.

The Texas StakeHouse Proudly Presents

The 100x Stake pool 





Fixed Cost

we Have made it our mission to set the standard for what a stake pool can be


Our Relays are ran on 2 High-End Cloud Servers from Digital Ocean and 2 Bare Metal Servers that are located in two separate data centers.  



We are constantly staying updated with the newest IOHK releases and updates, and looking for ways to improve the performance of the 100x pool.

Maximum Uptime

We monitor our pools around the clock to make sure that there is maximum uptime possible.

The Goal is to operate a pool at peak performance withOUT sacrificing our morals or standards in the process.

 Stake With Us on

Daedalus or Yoroi

If you are using ADALite stake with use using our
pool id: 90722261a7047faeaa946b0ee5f9815d7bd21fff076cd9f996e6e907

 Our Incentivized Testnet experience

A collection of blog posts from when the Cardano ITN was active

Pool Ticker: HRIZN.    Pool Name: Horizn Digital


How to Monitor Your Cardano Stake Pool

How to Monitor Your Cardano Stake Pool

Choosing to monitor your stake pool initially, it can be a daunting task, but the creation of a few community created tools has made the process very easy. There are so many to choose from, and in the future, the list will continue to grow. There are critical features...

Day 02: Tale of Two Names

Day 02: Tale of Two Names

So once I had the passive node up and running the next thing on my mind was how do I register the pool. Of course, this was where I decided to reference  Chris Graffagnino's Jormungandr for Newbs Guide. Of course, there is was the initial git set up and which wasn't...

Day 01: Iced Coffee and Web Servers

Day 01: Iced Coffee and Web Servers

After an evening of fighting the Ubuntu installation and I was prepped and ready to get the passive node up and running. I woke up early the next morning, made a cup of iced coffee and heated up a cinnamon raisin bagel and I was prepared to take on the day. I started...