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My initial motivation for me to create a Cardano stake pool is I feel like it is a great project for me to get my feet wet in the Cardano environment. I have known about Cardano since 2017, but I more so just held the tiny bag that I had and waited. Being apart of r/Cardano has always allowed me to be aware of the things going on in the project without having to actively participate. Once I was able to stake my Cardano in December, the experience went so well that  I felt like I should find a way to participate. A few months later here we are, this is the ever-unfolding story of Horizn Digital.

Day 00: A Start

There is not a more rewarding feeling than when your hindsight and your vision align. I have never been afraid to try new things and the past year I made sure to change myself with the different projects I have attempted. One of the first was setting up a 24hr gaming stream that runs 24/7 on twitch, of people online playing little known Vr-esports games. Then making the switch from store-bought routers to a converting mini-pc to a router for a better online gaming/streaming experience. This project would be no different than the others I would focus then try to see if I can get it done. I wanted to run the server from home, so I decided to move the Minecraft server that my friends and family use, to an online hosting service to make room for how much bandwidth I might need. One I moved the Minecraft server it was time.

A Suitable Home for Pools

So I would run the stake pool on the same computer that runs my 24/hr stream, I don’t know why but that didn’t sit well with me so I decide it needs to be on a different computer right after moving my Minecraft server. I have pc and a mac that was a few years old but didn’t really have a use for but I felt like both would be perfect for this project. This was my first mistake, how could I have known the struggle of looking for cables to devices that I need to plug into HDMI ports when the devices don’t have HDMI ports. Sidenote: HDMI is evil, and display ports should be the standard. A short trip to the attic, where I store all the leftover computer cables of days past, by chance I found a DVI to HDMI cable and day 00 was saved. Not to mention, I did some great wire organization.

The Installing event

I didn’t care what was on the pc, so a quick format of the hard drive and I was in business. Now I prepped the Ubuntu server installation which should have went well but totally did not. I could not figure out why I was having soo many errors. Mind you this wasn’t my first Ubuntu install but I sure felt like it. The logical thing to do is reinstall, and reinstall, and reinstall until one the thing works. I didn’t want to give up, but I was taking an Ubuntu beating of epic proportions. I would restart and then load boot menu then try to select the device to boot from and it would boot just fine until it was time to sign in and put in the password and no luck repeated. Of course, I would find on a small site some out there on the web someone was having the exact same issue of the boot menu not working and select the devices that needed to be booted in the BIOS. At the time, I feel like I would never solve the issue but then once I did I knew it was time to crash and wake up and see if I could finish up the stake pool.

Day 00 Conclusion:

– Moved the Minecraft Server

– Found a home for the Stake Pool

– Survived the Ubuntu install

I didn’t get as far as I would have hope, but I wasn’t giving up.