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So once I had the passive node up and running the next thing on my mind was how do I register the pool. Of course, this was where I decided to reference  Chris Graffagnino’s Jormungandr for Newbs Guide. Of course, there is was the initial git set up and which wasn’t too bad, I have never been fluent in the command line or terminal-based tools. Fortunately, GUIs exist and make our life’s 1000x easier. So the first half of the setup I used Source Tree, the fetch, pull, commit, push with a press of a button.

# If you previously used my "guide 4newbs", you're probably used to seeing
# receiver_secret.key, receiver_public.key, receiver_account.txt
# The keys created in the following step will REPLACE those, once the real incentivized-testnet launches.

jcli key generate --type ed25519 | tee owner.prv | jcli key to-public >

jcli address account --testing --prefix addr $(cat > owner.addr
     Excerpt from Chris Graffagnino's Jormungandr for Newbs Guide.

On my first passthrough I made a major error here. You cannot register the stake pool if your owner key does not match the owner key on the pool.

I continued completing the process of creating the sig files, needed to register. I committed the files and sent my pull request, feeling unsure but fairly confident. I passed the check to make sure that the JSON, in the pub file was good. After 12-13 hours my pool request was approved and I had my pool and my ticker registered. For the next 2 days, I felt confident and accomplished then waited for the HRIZN pool to show up on or After those 2 days past, I knew something had to be wrong to check the ITN Shelly Explorer to find my pool. I found the pool but the ticker and the pool name wasn’t there. Little did I know the mistake I made with the key creation process, even though it was explained I still managed to get it wrong. So I registered The Horizn Digital name, ticker, description to a pool that didn’t exist. Once I realized the mistake I made I went and fixed my previous mistake, then resubmitted and 12 hours later Horizn Digital was real. In exchange, for having to correct the pool registration issue, the stake pool went through name and ticker changes to become what it is known now.


The name: Horizn Digital and the ticker: HRIZN