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Inspiration for Learning Haskell

This post is the first of it is kind here, but it will not be the last. I recently decided to take the dive into functional programming. I have a few years of programming experience in school and as a hobby. Recently I felt like the next step for me would be to expand from C++/C# and Swift and look into functional programming. My initial inspiration for learning Haskell was watching videos of Charles Hoskinson talk about the language in 2017. After looking into the language and hearing about the difficulty of learning a functional language, I decided to wait. In the meantime, I learned more about C# and Swift because who doesn’t want to make apps for the iPhone. So I put Haskell on the back burner, but never forgot about eventually wanting to take the time to learn it.

The Tools for Learning

Learning in an efficient manner needs some sort of strategy to be successful. The first part of that strategy is having tools that you can learn from. I know that I can learn from reading a book, but I really want the material to stick. So I decided to make sure that I have enough learning material so that I can go back and forth, between the material and cement what I have learned.

Learn You Haskell for Great Good!

Is one of the more highly recommended books regarding learning Haskell. Not only did I see many people point to “Haskell for Great Good!” as a good starting point, but I also had a close friend recommend this specific book. After seeing the reviews, I knew that the book would be instrumental for me in the earliest stages of learning Haskell.

Udemy Course on Haskell

This was really a no brainer, Udemy was having one of their sales were everything on the site is ten to twelve dollars. A great bargain if there’s is a specific programming language you want to learn in the future. What the real selling point for me was the customer reviews and the 13 hours of video. If I am happened to get lost in those 13 hours of video I can always refer back to my book.


The last of my starting resources for learning Haskell is going to be It is a great site that has a decent amount of programming questions and puzzles designed as games. This is more so to bush up my skills during my downtime. I am not the average learner so I usually can’t just crank through books and videos, without breaks here and there and CodinGame is a great way to stay focused on the material.

“When a dream is so vivid that it no longer looks like one, or so it seems”


A Dream no Longer Deferred

It has taken me a long time to get to a position where I know I have the time to dedicate myself to learning Haskell. My goal is to keep you updated as I make progress in my journey of learning Haskell. I should warn you that I will be starting from the very beginning and do my very best explaining topics as I am learning them. So that means there will be topics in chapters that I make posts about that sometimes will be from a place of limited understanding. Know that I would never initially misinform anyone, but on this journey, I will make mistakes, and when I do I will do my best to quickly correct them. I hope you join me on this journey.

If you have experience with Haskell or other functional programming languages, be sure to comment below. While you are here please check out some of my other posts!