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So March is coming to a close, and I think it has been one of the intense months of my life. The coronavirus has created a dramatic change in everyone’s lives. I hope that all the readers out there have been able to stay safe at this time.


For the Cardano fans, the updates from IOHK keep getting better and better. Our stake pool is currently running Jourmungandr v8.14, and it is has been so good. That we haven’t updated to v8.16 yet, but we will update this week because the byron reboot is on the way.

Journey Into Haskell

Early this month, I started my Journey Into Haskell, and I have hit walls along the way, but now it has been smooth sailing. I have a new environment and it has been treating me very nicely. Expect more updates coming soon, I have been digging into the material, and I think I am about 2-3 months before I might be able to make my first small side project. This post is a little update on the progress we have been making, and I assure you more is on the way. I am really starting to hit my stride, and there will be more to come soon.

While you are here, feel free to check out my twitter account.

So much of the Cardano community is on twitter, I felt like it was a good time to join them!


Last but not least, those of you who are my readers from publish0x, I would like to thank you for the 2000 views on my previous post. I consider the popularity of that post as an affirmation to continue forward on this path. More content is on the way. Also, be safe in these trying times, and I will talk to you all soon.

2000 Views is insane!!!!